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Take a deep breath! Go beyond urban sprawl and hectic rhythm of your daily rush. Start listening to the little voice within your heart and start singing a song within it. Some attainments and pursuits of life are simply cannot be measured by dollar and cents - such is the nature of music.

"Some things worth measuring are simply unmeasurable and conversely... some things that are always measured are not worth measuring"

If you even have the slightest interest in the cello (a.k.a violoncello) teaching and learning philosophy and methodologies, then this is a good place for you to hear me share my insights in cello, music and life.

Although my multi-faceted commitments keep me rather busy, I have maintained a small private studio teaching adults (and some kids) the finer art of making music with the cello since 2000.

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My Teaching Philosophy

There are some fundamental cello teaching and learning principles which I embrace whenever I share my experience with students and fellow music lovers. These have grown out of:-

  • A rich experience in the education industry, grounded firmly in a problem-based, student-centered approach
  • My ever patient teachers and mentors of the past who have generously imparted their skills, strategies with me
  • Books, videos and not forgetting, my personal love story with the cello over the many years with fellow students, cellists and musicians


If you were someone like me without any music training background yet fascinated with the unique beauty of cello music and wish to pick up the instrument, Chin Hong is a good teacher to start with your cello journey. He is very patient and encouraging...


The first time I met Chin Hong, he came a across as a no-nonsense person. I was right. When I eventually took lessons under him, he was really serious about teaching Cello and doing a good job at it. Yet I was wrong, he is a warm and passionate about his work, and that made Cello lessons fruitful and enjoyable...


I simply love the way how Chin Hong explains the physics of cello playing. Music playing is about expressing emotion. But in order to achieve the skills to express the sound accurately, one has to understand how the instrument work and master the craft of music playing...


Art of learning the cello

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Contact Me

What can I do for you?

Cello Instruction: For those who want to pick up a challenging yet rewarding instrument, I only maintain a small teaching studio. I don’t just teach cello, it is a personal development process that just happens to be facilitated by an instrument I love.

Cello Coaching: For those who needs a 2nd opinion on how they are doing now or how they can be better. I provide short-term coaching - with deep emphasis on learning process, mental conditioning, tension and visualisation. Cello Performances: Visit www.gracenotes.sg for more details.

You can drop me a WhatsApp message [Click the icon] or message me through the form.

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