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Andreas Eastman Cello – 2017 (SOLD)
Year Made: 2017 Size: Full-Sized Cello (4/4) Label (as shown in cello): Andreas Eastman, VC100, Handcrafted by Eastman Strings Condition[...]
What Is A Cello Lesson Like?
A cello lesson should consist of segments which focuses on different aspects of developing the art of cello playing. More[...]
How To Buy A Cello
This is also a very common question asked by students or parents.The short answer is.. find the *best* instrument for[...]
How To Choose A Cello Teacher
I am not going to do any self promotion for this. After experiencing and knowing so many music teachers and[...]
Special Advice For Parents
Is My Child/Son/Daughter/{Fill in the blank} Ready to Pick Up Cello?This is probably one of the most often question asked[...]
German 4/4 CELLO @ Johann Strings
UPDATE: Sold. Subject To Future AvailabilityI am quite impressed by the sound produced by this cello, given that its new.[...]
Synwin 4/4 CELLO (Pre-Owned)
UPDATE: SoldThis is actually a 2005 (Year of Estimated Manufacture) cello by synwin. Its been totally re-setup at various points[...]
March 2018 – Studio Practice
Samuel presenting Bach Suites No 3 in C - Bourree I and II Another rendition. Can you tell the difference[...]
November 2017 – Student Presentation
Samuel presenting Bach Suites No 3 in C - Courante This movement of the Bach Suites in challenging due to[...]
November 2017 – Student Presentation
Samuel presenting Bach Suites No 3 in C - Bourree A major milestone for Samuel as he upgrades and plays[...]
April 2017​
Samuel presenting Bach Suites No 1 in G - Courante at a student concert. A lively movement that can be[...]
December 2016
The brothers (Samuel and Jeremy) playing for their 1st time together in a public performance for a wedding 'gig'. It[...]
December 2016
The Swan (Saint Saens) This is one of the most evergreen cello pieces in the repertoire. Very useful for training[...]
January 2016
NTU Cello Ensemble playing the ever popular Bach Air in G. The nature of the piece fits the cello like[...]
7 November 2015
7 November 2015 - Preparing for a preformance / presentation at Kids Philharmonic. Its really a nice setup for budding[...]
15th February 2014
15th February 2014 - Practicing for the ABRSM Grade 3 Presentation (Presentation sounds much better than Exam)
15th February 2014
15th February 2014 - A Really Fun Piece When It Works!
15th February 2014
15th February 2014 - To be honest, a piece like that for a young child is somewhat beyond their basic[...]
30th January 2014
30th January 2014: A simple video of learning the D Minor scale on the cello. You can notice better confidence[...]
September 2013
Personal milestone of Samuel as this is his 1st public performance in one of the student concerts organised by my[...]
February 2013
This is the progress of Samuel about 6 months into learning the cello. You can see the basics of bow[...]
November 2012
A very fun video of using a minus-1 playalong track for learning. It can definitely add a level of interest[...]
August 2012
This is actually a memorable short video of Samuel's 1st lesson with me as he starts on his musical journey.[...]