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Cello For Sale

If you are looking for a cello, I will list down some of the instruments which are being offered for sale - either directly through myself or from someone else.

Cellos for Sale will belong to 2 major categories:

Category I - These are largely special pre-owned cellos that are currently in my possession or have been personally tested by me. I truly believe that a pre-owned instrument is a better buy if you know what to look for. Every new instrument produced come from a living tree so if sustainability is something you care about - getting a pre-owned instrument is a smart choice!

Disclaimer - There are some fantastic new cellos being made and some of them do deserve a review by me because they represents extremely good value for today's price structure.

Category II - If you think you have a decent cello for sale, I am happy to help you list it here. I am doing this as a service to help cellos find a good owner. Is it for free or for a fee? Normally I will do it free but if it gets sold through someone contacting you through here, I would very much appreciate you donating a small fee towards the support of this service.

However please don't be offended if I am not able to showcase your instrument if some of the basic qualities of the cello is suspect (broken, cracked etc). I think the least I can do is to make sure whatever is shown here looks decent and is not sold at a price that does not make sense.  Also I cannot guarantee that it will be sold because it depends on who is looking for a cello and found my site.


German 4/4 CELLO @ Johann Strings
UPDATE: Sold. Subject To Future AvailabilityI am quite impressed by the sound produced by this cello, given that its new.[...]
Synwin 4/4 CELLO (Pre-Owned)
UPDATE: SoldThis is actually a 2005 (Year of Estimated Manufacture) cello by synwin. Its been totally re-setup at various points[...]


Andreas Eastman Cello – 2017 (SOLD)
Year Made: 2017 Size: Full-Sized Cello (4/4) Label (as shown in cello): Andreas Eastman, VC100, Handcrafted by Eastman Strings Condition[...]