Special Advice For Parents

Is My Child/Son/Daughter/{Fill in the blank} Ready to Pick Up Cello?

This is probably one of the most often question asked by any discerning parent. It is one of the MAJOR questions for me even as I watch my kids grow up.After so many years, there are some signs (not exhaustive of course) which your child may exhibit which may tell you that “I am Ready”.

String instruction requires a basic minimum attention span for it to be meaningful for both parent, child and teacher. At the very least, a child should be able to hold attention for 3-6 minutes at a time because, that is the minimum that is required for some instruction to be given and for the child to respond.

I have seen children who will not last more than 10 seconds without fidgeting and wants to roll on the floor.You have brought your child to concerts and performances and he or she is exposed to music that is performed by the instrument. Your child may show interest in how the sound of the violin or cello is produced.

Curiosity is a very powerful instrument for a young child. Use it wisely.Generally speaking, a child who had been initial exposure to some basic singing, music appreciation, keyboard foundation program will take to a string instrument more easily and there is “less friction”.It helps a lot that the parents also share the similar interest in the instrument. Not a must by any means, but it may not be helpful to shove a child into learning something just because it is good to have, for peer pressure from other parents. But that being said, a child may not know that he will like the instrument UNTIL he try. I know…. because I was once that child. Every child is different.