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Cello Journey

This section is a selection of videos which I have compiled over recent years on the students which I have had the blessing to work with as part of their journey of music via the cello. They are by no means 'perfect' performances in any way nor are they meant to be. They are simply works of pure effort and passion in pursuit of learning and continuous improvements. 

These videos are organised by the year in which they are recorded.


March 2018 – Studio Practice
Samuel presenting Bach Suites No 3 in C - Bourree I and II Another rendition. Can you tell the difference[...]
November 2017 – Student Presentation
Samuel presenting Bach Suites No 3 in C - Courante This movement of the Bach Suites in challenging due to[...]
November 2017 – Student Presentation
Samuel presenting Bach Suites No 3 in C - Bourree A major milestone for Samuel as he upgrades and plays[...]
April 2017​
Samuel presenting Bach Suites No 1 in G - Courante at a student concert. A lively movement that can be[...]
December 2016
The brothers (Samuel and Jeremy) playing for their 1st time together in a public performance for a wedding 'gig'. It[...]
December 2016
The Swan (Saint Saens) This is one of the most evergreen cello pieces in the repertoire. Very useful for training[...]
January 2016
NTU Cello Ensemble playing the ever popular Bach Air in G. The nature of the piece fits the cello like[...]
7 November 2015
7 November 2015 - Preparing for a preformance / presentation at Kids Philharmonic. Its really a nice setup for budding[...]
15th February 2014
15th February 2014 - Practicing for the ABRSM Grade 3 Presentation (Presentation sounds much better than Exam)
15th February 2014
15th February 2014 - A Really Fun Piece When It Works!
15th February 2014
15th February 2014 - To be honest, a piece like that for a young child is somewhat beyond their basic[...]
30th January 2014
30th January 2014: A simple video of learning the D Minor scale on the cello. You can notice better confidence[...]
September 2013
Personal milestone of Samuel as this is his 1st public performance in one of the student concerts organised by my[...]
February 2013
This is the progress of Samuel about 6 months into learning the cello. You can see the basics of bow[...]
November 2012
A very fun video of using a minus-1 playalong track for learning. It can definitely add a level of interest[...]
August 2012
This is actually a memorable short video of Samuel's 1st lesson with me as he starts on his musical journey.[...]