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Fun Minus 1 Track Playalong

November 2012

A very fun video of using a minus-1 playalong track for learning. It can definitely add a level of interest to the student if used in a sensible manner. If you are not aware, a minus-1 track is basically the accompaniment music minus the main melody line which in this case is held by the cello.

And yes, the person clapping is Samuel’s brother, Jeremy.

Samuel 1st Ever Lesson (Open String Duet For 2 Cellos)

August 2012

This is actually a memorable short video of Samuel’s 1st lesson with me as he starts on his musical journey. It happened on the 1st August 2012. Apologies for the quality as the video was recorded based on the prevailing mobile phone recording technologies that I possess during that period of time.

Just a simple duet to get things started. I believe in starting students early in learning to play together as it activates certain basic principles of musicianship.