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Bach Suite No 1 in G Courante

April 2017​

Samuel presenting Bach Suites No 1 in G – Courante at a student concert.

A lively movement that can be challenging to navigate. Credits to him for playing this technically intense piece from memory. Also developing good bow arm control in the process.

Cello Journey

December 2016

The brothers (Samuel and Jeremy) playing for their 1st time together in a public performance for a wedding ‘gig’. It is a simple hymn that most christians who grew up in church would recognise.

Saint Saens - The Swan

December 2016

The Swan (Saint Saens)

This is one of the most evergreen cello pieces in the repertoire. Very useful for training the use of vibrato, shifting as well as holding a long phrase in the right arm. Certainly a piece that will grow with the player through the years – if they don’t stop playing!

Cello Ensemble - Bach Air in G

January 2016

NTU Cello Ensemble playing the ever popular Bach Air in G. The nature of the piece fits the cello like a glove even when there are 4 parts playing. Notice that there is a certain quality of sound when instruments that are of the same family are blended together.

ABRSM Grade 5 Cello Exam Pieces - Boccherini Minuet

7 November 2015

7 November 2015 – Preparing for a preformance / presentation at Kids Philharmonic. Its really a nice setup for budding players but unfortunately it shifted further than I can manage timewise.